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22 September 2003

All I do is complain

Or so I've been told, anyway.

If you wonder what my complaints in Real Life™ are like, you're invited to read a letter I am just now mailing to a bank whose credit card I have decided to cancel. The crux of this particular biscuit:

Not to knock your service, which has been just this side of exemplary. However, to justify this kind of expense, "exemplary" isn't enough; for this kind of money, I'd expect this card to press my trousers and wash my dishes.

Okay, maybe I do complain a lot.

Posted at 7:36 PM to Common Cents

Anger leads to complaints.
Complaints lead frustration.
Frustration leads to loathing.

These are the tools of the Dark Side.


Posted by: Entrebat at 9:50 PM on 22 September 2003

And I have a complete set, standard and metric. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:36 AM on 23 September 2003

How about some cheese with all this whine? ;-)

Posted by: Donna at 10:24 PM on 23 September 2003

You write as though someone literate will not only read your letter, but comprehend it as well.

Three strikes against you in one sweeping sentence.

Posted by: vickie at 7:40 PM on 24 September 2003

Have you ever known me to dumb down an exposition?

Wait a minute, don't answer that. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:49 PM on 24 September 2003

Oh, and there's a call from the parent company of the card issuer sitting on my caller-ID box. I wasn't home when they dialed in, so they got a whole lot of nothing for their trouble.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:37 PM on 26 September 2003