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24 September 2003

A couple of falls ago

I remembered posting this in '01, and it seems to fit the current climate.

In many ways, autumn is the most bearable of the eleven or twelve seasons that descend upon Soonerland in an average year, which is probably why it's the shortest: three or four weeks, if we're lucky, before we have to face the triple threat of Pre-Winter, Dead Of Winter, and Christ, When's It Gonna Warm Up Already. In the meantime, though, we get temperatures that are actually temperate, the occasional shower, and foliage that stubbornly holds on to as much green as it can, surrounded by the merest hint of orange. And it's one of the few times of the year when the tourism-industry ads aren't greeted by residents with hearty guffaws.

If you're planning to visit Oklahoma, you've still got a few days left.

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Hey, while you are on the subject of weather and climate, can you answer one question? (Not that it has much to do with weather or climate as far as I know.) What is the deal with the signs in OK that say do not drive into smoke on the road? I used to see them when driving to Tulsa and never could get an explanation.

Posted by: punctilious at 10:11 PM on 24 September 2003

Smoke obscures your visibility as badly as fog, and is harder to predict.

More to the point, the stuff is likely caused by burning of carbon-based materials — oil, from a drilling rig, or wood, from an area being cleared — which means that a lot of unpleasant byproducts will be part of that smoke. You definitely don't want carbon monoxide sucked into your car's ventilation system.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:26 AM on 25 September 2003

Now you know, further near Tulsa, the foliage does actually migrate from green to brown, with red, yellow, and orange in between. It's one of the reasons I was thrilled about moving here; I'd visited a few times before and it was during the fall, and I thought it was just beautiful. (Near the Heyburn Lake area). Still, I love this place, though damn, I could sure do without the ice storms. LOL.

Posted by: Asherah at 8:51 AM on 25 September 2003