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27 September 2003

Long live Cosmo Brown

Donald O'Connor, Gene Kelly's sidekick in Singin' in the Rain, the man who raised dancing with a dummy to an art form in that movie's "Make 'em Laugh" sequence, has died in California at 78.

As a clumsy, oafish non-dancer, I couldn't relate so easily to Kelly, and I never could decide whether it was more useful to fixate on the seemingly-accessible Debbie Reynolds or the ethereal, unreachable Cyd Charisse, so O'Connor held this rambling wreck of a film together for me, and I'm glad he did — even if he did wind up in the hospital for a couple of days after the mayhem of "Make 'em Laugh".

"Thanks, R.F. At last I can stop suffering and write that symphony."

Posted at 7:34 PM to Almost Yogurt

Thanks, R.F., at last I can *start* suffering and write that symphony!

Pure genius.

Posted by: David at 6:17 AM on 29 September 2003