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30 September 2003

Scents and sensibility

It's hard to describe an actual aroma without being able to call forth a replica thereof — O Smell-O-Vision, where is thy stink? — but if anyone can pull it off, it's Fred:

Smell being a very idiosyncratic and subjective observation at best, I'll tell you that to me, walnut smells astringent and medicinal...blending the faint aroma of iodine, a hint of freshly opened Band-aid with an underlying foundation of varnish. Trust me. Walnut is the smell of cool weather itself.

In terms of sheer poesy, this perhaps surpasses even Lileks' description of Belvedere vodka last month:

It's a lovely marriage of velvet and freon.

Half of the writers in the world, I presume, are below average; reading these guys always makes me feel like I belong with that half.

Posted at 10:40 AM to Almost Yogurt

But you are too kind, sir Chaz.

Hope you're enjoying cooler weather and good fall smells where you are!

Posted by: fredf at 12:51 PM on 30 September 2003