The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

1 October 2003

Not to mention the New Orleans Sinners

A federal judge has decided that there is insufficient evidence to demonstrate that the Washington Redskins disparage Native Americans, and therefore the trademark on their name remains valid, despite a move to revoke it.

I'm waiting for someone to file suit against the New York Giants, claiming that despite the name, they aren't in fact any taller than anyone else in the NFC East.

(Muchas gracias: Phillip Coons.)

Posted at 9:22 PM to Dyssynergy

Too damned bad, I was looking forward to seeing the Washington Lobbyists take the field next year.

Posted by: CT at 10:32 PM on 1 October 2003

Yes but is there quarterback black?

I couldn't resist.

Posted by: vickie at 5:26 AM on 2 October 2003


Posted by: Vickie at 5:27 AM on 2 October 2003