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4 October 2003

Got to roll me

By any reasonable estimation, this is one of the less-important outposts in blogdom, so no one is exactly champing at the bit to get onto my blogroll, which is notable for its high level of diversity and its low level of consistency. This is, I reckon, a Good Thing, since I don't have to write blistering articles about people clamoring to get in or sort-of-patient explanations of the rules of inclusion.

Still, self-referential navel-gazing is at the very heart (well, actually, somewhat below) of blogging, so I may as well reveal just how it is that people get on the left side (formerly the right side, and it may be again next time I redesign) of the front page.

There aren't any hard and fast rules, really. I do try to reciprocate when I catch an incoming link, but I always seem to be a couple of months behind in catching them, and besides, it's not like there's some Meta-Law of Symmetry governing blogroll links. Many of the sites listed, I was reading before I went to a daily blog format in the summer of '00; they're carried over from the old now-defunct separate links page. In general, if you're listed, it means only that I make a conscious effort to read your stuff once in a while; if not, it doesn't necessarily mean anything at all.

Exceedingly minor preference points are given to:

  • Persons based in Oklahoma
  • Persons I actually know
    (this overlaps slightly with the above)
  • Persons of the female persuasion who are beautiful, smart, sarcastic and/or funny
    (2 out of 4 impresses; 3 out of 4 dazzles; 4 out of 4 means I'm in deep trouble)
    (this overlaps even more slightly with the above)

I have little faith in the power of email; so far, the main benefit it has brought me is the World's Smallest Instalanche™. This doesn't mean you shouldn't send me things; this does mean that you shouldn't expect anything from so doing.

Beyond that, all you really have to do is be more brilliant than I am — which shouldn't take much effort at all.

Posted at 11:00 PM to Blogorrhea

so whats it take to get kicked off the ol' blogroll? I seem to be on a personal crusade to be the most despised blogger in oklahoma.

Posted by: bruce at 1:27 AM on 5 October 2003

If you really want to be despised, you've got a lot of work ahead of you, and a lot of truly wretched individuals to surpass. (No names mentioned, lest they appear, Kibo-like, from out of the shadows.)

Posted by: CGHill at 4:41 AM on 5 October 2003

He's right, Bruce. The title of least popular is, I think, the subject of far fiercer competition than most popular, if only because most popular has been pretty well sewn up.

But I respect someone who sets his sights high. Someday maybe I'll be telling people, "I despised him when..."


Posted by: McGehee at 10:16 AM on 5 October 2003

At least there's one advantage to being based in Oklahoma.

Posted by: Mike at 11:40 AM on 5 October 2003