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5 October 2003

Racked with indecision

The first Boobiethon was last year, and I ignored it, thinking it was silly. And maybe it was. Yet it raised over a thousand dollars for breast-cancer research — perhaps not an enormous sum considering all the work that needs to be done, but if you check any bucket, you'll realize that it's filled with individual drops.

So I resolved to pay attention to version 2.0 this year, and as of this morning donations were over four grand. Which, of course, begs the question: how many of those donations would have come in were the site not, um, busting out with photos?

Given what I've seen of the Blogathons and other charity projects, I think most of them probably would have come in anyway; bloggers, when they can afford to be, are a generous bunch. Still, the incentives provided may have tilted a few people into kicking in a few extra bucks, and the tantalizing prospect of hotter photos for higher donations....

I agonized over that for a few minutes while checking my PayPal balance, and in the end, it was Johnny Carson who made the decision for me. One evening, Dolly Parton, bless her, was on the show, and in the midst of something unrelated, Carson quipped, "I'd give a year's pay for a peek under there." Dolly laughed as only a Southern girl can, and I was reminded that there have been many times during my life when I've thought things like this, and the rest was easy.

But when someone organizes a similar benefit for prostate-cancer research — well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Posted at 10:43 AM to Blogorrhea

When I first saw the Boobiethon advertised, my first reaction was that it was silly. Then I read a bit more about it, the segregation of the pictures, do this however you're comfortable, etc.

Then it seemed cool, and I sent in a pic. 4k is a pretty good bucket so far, no?


Posted by: hln at 12:29 PM on 5 October 2003

A decent pail, to be sure.

And the organizers, I think, have been quite astute; keeping the names and the photos wholly separate is probably the best way to ensure the maximum number of participants, and a surprising amount of creativity has been shown in the effort to keep the standard gallery more or less PG-13.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:03 PM on 5 October 2003

Thanks for the thoughts on the project -- and the link!

Posted by: robyn at 6:53 PM on 5 October 2003