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5 October 2003

A sort of Sunday drive

Just some of the things I read this weekend:

There otter be a law:
If you're thinking about bringing home Ring of Bright Water for the kids with the expectation that it will be sweet and innocuous — well, Surlybird suggests you think again.

Stealth linkage:
Rammer infers the existence of a new breed of popup ad that is launched when you click a link in the window in front of it, and blames lax IE security defaults for its proliferation.

Too sweet and innocent:
Donna remembers Donny Osmond fondly. Maybe too fondly.

Where have all the readers gone?
At Fresh Bilge, Alan ponders whether 'tis better to plug away at a single topic, to wander all over the place, or to aim Somewhere In Between.

Whizzing in the revenue stream:
Ravenwood reports on a Nashville man who was busted for flashing his lights to warn approaching traffic of a speed trap.

What are under the bridge?
"Why can't I get any intelligent trolls?" wonders Geoffrey.

This is not necessarily going to be a regular feature — at least, not one that's regularly scheduled.

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"Why can't I get any intelligent trolls?" wonders Geoffrey.

<pendant blinks>

Posted by: McGehee at 7:58 AM on 7 October 2003

And there's only one Norman.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:20 AM on 7 October 2003