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8 October 2003

Brad's in

The Hill (no relation) is reporting that Rep. Brad Carson, of Oklahoma's 2nd Congressional District, will seek the Senate seat to be vacated by Don Nickles, who has announced he will not run for a fifth term. Carson, a Democrat, is serving his second term in the House.

One likely Republican opponent, though he hasn't declared his candidacy yet, is Rep. Ernest Istook of the 5th District. Others reputedly waiting in the wings are Oklahoma City Mayor Kirk Humphreys, a Republican serving in a nonpartisan office, and Attorney General Drew Edmondson, a Democrat.

For the GOP, this means a change from a seat that was safe to a seat that, less safe. Were I a Democratic party operative, I wouldn't be ordering any champagne just yet.

Posted at 10:51 AM to Soonerland

Did you see yesterday's Washington Post Story?

Posted by: Martin at 7:48 AM on 9 October 2003

I caught it finally. It's reasonably thorough, though no one seems to have hit on The Reason Why just yet.

Posted by: CGHill at 4:59 PM on 9 October 2003