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10 October 2003

Rx Depot gets some time

On Day Two of the hearing in federal court in Tulsa, Judge Claire Eagan did not issue the injunction against Rx Depot requested by the Department of Justice, leaving the pharmaceutical importer free to operate through the end of the month. Judge Eagan said that on the 31st, she will receive supporting evidence from both DOJ and Rx Depot president Carl Moore.

Posted at 7:45 AM to Soonerland

You know, I don't see what's so bad about allowing the community a CHOICE when it comes to where you get your scipts. I hope they're allowed to stay in business, because there are so many people who need a way to save money, especially on their meds.

Posted by: Asherah at 8:11 AM on 10 October 2003

This is true. The problem though is that there have been reports of them filling prescriptions with either the wrong or with substandard meds :(

Posted by: ms7168 at 6:25 AM on 11 October 2003

Given the problems I've been having getting a "legitimate" pharmacy to fill my prescriptions lately, I'm starting to worry less about the occasional reports of botched orders that have cropped up.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:35 AM on 11 October 2003

With the rising costs of health care these days I think that the only way to control the costs of prescriptions is to let the market determine the costs. Allowing the consumers to shop around is the very premise on which a free market economy is based. It is either that or have our government begin putting price controls on pharmaceutical companies. Which do you think that they should chose?

Posted by: Lance at 12:54 PM on 16 October 2003

Since every other country on earth seems to have some form of price controls, the drug industry has opted to stick it to its American customers in order to maintain its margins. I find this slightly less reprehensible than, say, region-coded DVDs. If it's really necessary to protect the pharmaceutical firms, I'd rather see a tariff enacted. The Feds aren't likely to do this, though; they're starting to figure out that backlash is painful.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:07 PM on 16 October 2003