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14 October 2003

Step by step

Bruce has a four-point plan for Brad Carson, 2nd District Congressman seeking to replace the retiring Don Nickles in the Senate, and it goes like this:

1) Become a Republican
2) Make obvious references to God / Jesus / Bible as often as humanly possible
3) Join the NRA
4) Be pro-life

"You do these things," says Bruce, "and you can spit in the face of everybody you meet in Oklahoma and they'll still vote for you."

As an Oklahoma Democrat, I advise against item 1. :)

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Being an American who lives in Oklahoma, I advise against item 1, and also Chucky's advisement about item 1. The only label you really need to have is human, but that's just the Non-Joiner in me talking.

If they're parties, where are all the hot chicks? (yeah, I know, but the voting public doesn't get to write those off as business expenditures, for the most part)

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 2:06 AM on 15 October 2003

As an Oklahoma Democrat

HA! I KNEW you are an activist!

Knew it!
Knew it!
Knew it!

Posted by: Martin at 8:50 AM on 15 October 2003

non-joiner... yup thats me too.

Posted by: bruce at 12:43 PM on 15 October 2003