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15 October 2003

Househunting (part 2)

We had three prospects for last night, but two of them evaporated — recession or no recession, houses are moving in these parts. However, today we had half a dozen more to play with, and we got to see five of the seven in what must be considered better-than-average time.

5. Small, vacant, simple, but executed well, and there's a not-as-rickety-as-it-looks deck out back. Backing out of the driveway is a trick, since there's a blind corner backed up with a hedge, but not what I'd call heinous. Docked a quarter-point for that godawful metal script passing for a house number; these things should have proper digits as Allah intended. Still rates a B+.

6. A few touches of whimsy here: proper digits, vertical, mounted on a block of wood covered with fabric; an added-on den (I assume) lined with knotty pine; slightly eccentric floor plan. Otherwise fairly ordinary, but kept up well, although the change from individual climate-control units to a central system has clearly been on an as-time-permits basis. A-

7. Huge, huge lot, demanding a John Deere to maintain it — and an empty storage building out back to keep one in. Decent interior, though I missed an actual step between the inside floor and the garage, 18 inches or so below. Very nice woodwork. B

8. Cute bungalow occupied by dog lover, maybe too cute. Gorgeous deck overlooking nicest backyard of the bunch. Floor plan leaves something to be desired, but exterior is nice and master-bedroom windows (on the corner of the house) strike me as brilliant. B

9. Tucked away in a neighborhood I'd never heard of, this is a smallish box with a big interior and 1¾ baths, something I hadn't seen yet. Nice kitchen. Exterior trim was actually being painted while we walked through. Good-sized backyard; neighbor's pecan tree will likely drop some freebies on this side of the fence. Slight cracking in the brickwork, though the slab looks solid. A-

Two more, plus anything else we catch between now and then, on Saturday.

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Have you started pre-qualification procedures so that there will be no surprises when the actual "time to buy" comes along? :)

Posted by: ms7168 at 12:35 PM on 16 October 2003

I did prequal before I ever started looking in earnest; I know exactly how much will cause the lender of choice to raise an eyebrow. None of the houses yet investigated comes within $10,000 of that ceiling.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:53 PM on 16 October 2003

Neat trick if you can pull it off. I couldn't find anything $10,000 below my ceiling that I would have :( I did, however, find one that was $3,500 over it that I simply loved. So you see it can be done.

Posted by: ms7168 at 12:57 PM on 17 October 2003