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17 October 2003

Taunt them a second time

A fellow named Francis Carpenter, who works for a bank in Luxembourg, has evidently been drinking too much of the European Union's ersatz Kool-Aid.

In this piece in Le Figaro, Mr Carpenter proposes that British place names commemorating battles lost by the French — Waterloo, Trafalgar, and such — be changed, in the interest of furthering European unity.

This idea, fortunately, doesn't seem to be catching on in the UK, though no one seems to have responded officially with le mot de Cambronne.

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stupid kah-niggits...

Posted by: Greeblie at 8:04 PM on 17 October 2003

Actually, Carpenter may have a point. They should all be named sequentially:

  • The First Time France Was Defeated in Battle
  • The Second Time France Was Defeated in Battle
  • The Third Time France Was Defeated in Battle


Posted by: McGehee at 2:09 PM on 20 October 2003