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19 October 2003

Five easy theses

By now, El Tigre has been at this long enough to be able to draw some conclusions, and of course he has:

1. The lower your daily visitation rate, the easier it is to make your daily average.

This is true; when I see the seven-day average poking above 500 or so, I start wondering how much of a fall I'm going to take on a day like today when I'll be lucky to hit 350.

2. Very few people agree with everything posted on InstaPundit and even fewer agree with anything posted on your blog.

As the saying goes, if two people agree on everything, one of them is superfluous. And I don't worry about the occasional polite disagreement, even the occasional impolite disagreement; it's not like anyone is going to reach through the screen and thwap me upside the head.

3. Unless you have unlimited bandwidth in accordance with your server contract, there is such a thing as getting too many visits to your blog.

I don't have unlimited bandwidth, but if I had a whole month of the busiest day I ever had, I wouldn't exceed the quantity I'm paying for. (This begs the question: "Why are you paying so much?" The answer: I bought this package on the basis of disk space, and even now, after three years of daily bloggage, said bloggage occupies only a small fraction of the total disk space used. There is a lot of non-blog material at this domain.)

4. You get more visitors to your blog if you have breasts, and even more if you have breasts and post a picture of them at some time.

I am reasonably certain that no one is interested in any of my 2000 parts.

5. Bloggin' is fun, and although I haven't had sex in quite awhile, I am almost sure that sex is still more fun than bloggin'.

Having never experienced a day when both activities took place, I don't think I'm ready to issue a comprehensive opinion on this subject.

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Wow, thanks for the recognition! Muchly appreciated, amigo!

Posted by: Tiger at 12:15 PM on 19 October 2003


...just to show you it can be done.

Posted by: McGehee at 2:14 PM on 20 October 2003

Missed me by that much.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:34 PM on 20 October 2003