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19 October 2003

The WMD who got away

It's Saddam himself, of course; no mere tank car full of chemicals or hut stuffed with warheads could have caused the horrendous damage that routinely accrued to Saddam's discredit.

Robert Prather has passed along an email from a Marine stationed in Baghdad who says that from what he's seen, Saddam made "Hitler look like a schoolboy." Is the continuing occupation worth the cost in American lives? Says this American on the scene:

Yes there has been over a 100 troops and about the same amount of civilians that have passed as well. I will say that if we need to send another 100,000 people here to get the 10% that is causing all the trouble I say we do it.

What you really want to read, though, is the story of his encounter with a young Iraqi woman whose entire family was destroyed by the Baath party because, as Christians, they might be expected to side with the US.

I should think that would be enough "mass destruction" to fit anyone's definition.

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