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23 October 2003

The Voice of Doom calling

Over at Spathic, the Arbiter is assembling a fantasy cast for a remake of a movie that needs no remake: The Philadelphia Story.

Téa Leoni as Tracy and David Duchovny as Mike? Insane, or inspired, or maybe some combination thereof. On the other hand, Bruce Willis is Sidney Kidd.

Posted at 10:07 AM to Almost Yogurt

Oh goody, we're going to talk about *me* now.

Posted by: Arbiter at 11:03 AM on 23 October 2003

Heh. I added my two cents over there. OK, maybe it was more like a quarter, but I just can't bear to think of this absolute treasure of a movie "trashed" by modern-day entertainers (I won't even dignify them by calling them "actors").


Posted by: david at 10:03 PM on 24 October 2003

Good grief, relax. It's not like we've got funding.

Posted by: Arbiter at 11:09 PM on 24 October 2003