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24 October 2003

Your source for evil

As Al Franken can tell you, Fox News can dish it out, but they sure can't take it.

On NPR's Fresh Air, Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, revealed that Fox News had threatened a lawsuit (against, presumably, Fox Television, which owns The Simpsons) over a brief parody of an FNC newscast.

Regular viewers, of course, will note that The Simpsons has always mocked all things Fox unmercifully, having even written Rupert Murdoch into a script or two, with no complaints from the front office. Murdoch, it appears, has thicker skin than Roger Ailes. (And your average condom, it appears, has thicker skin than Bill O'Reilly.)

Eventually, FNC backed down, though they warned that the fake news crawl might, um, "confuse the viewers." Yeah, right. Maybe when Sean Hannity is on.

(Via Hit & Run)

(Update, 31 October, 7 pm: Groening now admits that he was pulling our chains. As always, at the base of the most effective satire — and given the way so many of us were sucked in, this has to be considered effective — there's a core of solid truth: yes, Fox News is that thin-skinned. Ask Al Franken.)

Posted at 3:30 PM to Dyssynergy

You wrote: " (And your average condom, it appears, has thicker skin than Bill O'Reilly.)"

*snorrrrrrt* LMAO!

I have to say I like to watch FNC (it's NOT just because of the ultra-cuddly Shep) but when I see Hannity & Combs and Bill O'Reilly I flip channels. I can't STAND the bickering.

But I love irony like that. How delicious. Heh.

Posted by: margi at 2:02 AM on 25 October 2003

Yeah, that 8:00-10:00 (Eastern) time slot on FNC is my No Watch Zone. Unfortunately, almost nothing on prime time TV is of interest to me anymore, which means I have more time to blog.

Why should I suffer alone?

Posted by: McGehee at 9:48 AM on 25 October 2003