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25 October 2003

Morpheus throws me a curve

This morning's nightmare (yeah, I know that sounds bizarre, but it had to start some time after 6 am) was set in some section of northeast Texas that must have been detached from the Lone Star State and then dropped over northern Alabama or something, because we had to get to Atlanta by daybreak, and to get there, we had two vehicles, neither of which was really up to the job.

The two R. Crumb characters had what was basically a heavily-modified Segway with a sidecar; its electrical power source had been swapped for good old internal combustion, and while it wasn't capable of freeway speeds, it was a heck of a lot faster than your stock scooter.

The two girls, one of whom inevitably was named Tanya — I attribute this to having watched a CMT Inside Fame program on Tanya Tucker the night before — were wheeling around some oddball kit car, one of Susanna Cornett's shoes blown up to the size of a 2+2 coupe, with seemingly effortless power from under its pointy hood but ergonomics that were questionable at best and brakes that were best described as "theoretical". A few miles with this little darb and I was suffering tread-separation anxiety.

The last thing I remember, we were at somebody's house on the wrong side of 285 — I guess we made pretty good time after all — popping 8-tracks into the stereo and checking the waffle iron for lizards.

I'm beginning to wonder if maybe my drug consumption is insufficient.

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Hmmm. Lizard waffles.

<sound of a phonograph needle slipping off the vinyl>

Do what now?

(And am I the only one to appreciate the irony of that sound effect having wide common currency in a pop culture that knows nothing of vinyl records?)

Posted by: McGehee at 9:51 AM on 25 October 2003

Sorta like this:

Posted by: Steve at 9:18 PM on 25 October 2003

Well, I didn't manage to pull -that- off at all.

Posted by: Steve at 9:19 PM on 25 October 2003

For a Susanna shoe, that's a bit conservative. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 4:11 AM on 26 October 2003