The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

27 October 2003

Birds on a wire

This morning's convocation of the crows took place as scheduled, but for some reason it was more noticeable than usual, and after a couple of thwaps to the forehead it occurred to me why: it's actually daylight as I'm pushing out the door. With the return of standard time comes a brief period (a month or so) when I don't have to commute in the dark. The birds, of course, don't pay attention to these fine points of human existence: they just wait for a propitious moment to divebomb the cars in the parking lot. Meanwhile, I'm feeling this strange notion that maybe I overdid the fall-back bit, that I'm actually late.

Right on cue, the stereo pops up "Get Me To The World On Time", the second Electric Prunes hit. (If you think of the Prunes as one-hit wonders, well, think again.) And ultimately I was on time, though my sense of timing wasn't keen enough to let me sail through any of the intervening traffic lights.

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