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2 November 2003

Getting there is half the fun

Maybe more than that, by Fred First's lights:

My family thinks when I say this (usually upon some large disappointment) that I am being a pessimist. I see it quite the opposite. The journey is certain. Find joy in each step, each mile, each word along the way with hope that the end may be the best part. The end is uncertain — that you will get there at all, that by the time you arrive the party will be over and all the lights turned off. If the end is not what you had anticipated, as often is the case in this age of quaking earth, you still own the thrill of the getting there.

My credentials as a pessimist are well-established, but this is precisely the spirit in which I undertook the three World Tours. If all that mattered was the destination, I could have subjected myself to the various indignities of air travel and gotten it over with much more quickly. And when I get to do it again, probably in 2005 (I see my '04 budget rapidly being consumed by Stuff For The House), I expect to feel exactly the same way.

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