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3 November 2003

Letting the whine breathe

I can't possibly say this any better than Andrea did, and what she said was this:

See troll post obnoxious comment on website he or she doesn't agree with. See troll get cyberkicked in the virtual nads. See troll tattle to site's webhost. See troll make fool of self when it is revealed that the author of the website he/she complained about is also one of the webhosts.

And, just to make it interesting — and to serve as a general warning to those who might transgress in the future — said webhost's extension of her official disclaimer:

I have the right to do whatever I want to with what you write [on my site], whether I agree with you or not. I can post your damn IP if I want to as well. It's not like I'm telling people that you live on 200 Oak Street Loserville, PA....second house on the right...yellow fence. Anyone with a little net sense knows that you there are a million sites out there where you can post an IP and find the location of it.

Nicely done, Gennie. And thank you, Andrea.

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