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5 November 2003

Kicking Bass

Reprinted from Usenet's ok.general newsgroup:

Mark your calendar for THURSDAY, NOV. 20TH.

A rally to protest the Grand Opening of Bass Pro Shops in Bricktown will be held at 9AM on the north side of Reno Ave. between Byers and Stiles.

Confirmed speakers at this time:

Moshe Tal
— Oklahoma City businessman

Chris Powell
— Chairman, Oklahoma Libertarian Party

Charlie Meadows
— President, Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee

No matter your political viewpoint, if you oppose corporate welfare, government favoritism, and abuse of our tax dollars, please come stand up for your beliefs on Nov. 20th.

Background: The city of Oklahoma City spent around $17 million to build the Bass Pro Shops facility on the fringe of Bricktown, for which Bass will be paying an annual rent of $600,000. There was some rumbling in the community when the deal was planned, but consultants to the city contented that sales at Bass would reach upward of $30 million per year, which would generate enough sales-tax revenue to cover the cost of the building and then some. A group called Citizens Against Taxpayer Abuse, in which rival Academy Sports was a participant, led the opposition; with Mayor Kirk Humphreys pushing hard, City Council eventually approved the package.

Moshe Tal, first-listed in the speakers list, is the Oklahoma City businessman who sued the city in May 2003 to quash the Bass deal; a hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

Bad discusses this matter in greater depth.

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