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6 November 2003

And even more on that 78

The Jubilee 5104 story rolls on. A contributor to Usenet's group emailed the seller, and got this back:

We are sorry to report that on Tuesday afternoon, eBay canceled our auction of Jubilee 5104 due to the fact that we included a direct link to our website, and that I stated that we would consider a trade for the record if it didn't meet reserve....we are now in the process of straightening things out.

We do not often sell items on eBay, preferring instead to offer records through our auction catalogs. I am reviewing eBay's listing policies and will shortly have a new listing posted. Given the fact that the item was at $19,990 when eBay stopped it, I will open the new auction with a $19,000 minimum and no reserve.

As explanations go, this is probably better than most; certainly I've heard worse, and eBay policies are just about that strict.

I'll continue to monitor this situation, if only because it's got to be more interesting than waiting for Paul Wolfowitz to crack a smile.

(Update, 6:45 pm: It's back.)

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