The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

6 November 2003

Welcome to January

The cold front got here yesterday morning, and it was one of those really big, really obvious cold fronts: if you were paying attention, you could actually watch the trees transitioning from shaking in a warm south wind to quivering in a cold north wind.

What we got as a gift from the Canadians was a classic late-January pattern, complete with cloud cover thick as chowder and temperatures struggling to stay above freezing. There's not a whole lot of precipitation in this mix, but what does fall can assume almost any configuration that isn't associated with warmth. The Sun, you ask? It's a newspaper in Edmond.

Still, the chills of November have their uses: you can finally put away the lawn mower, and all those children conceived in fitful passion on Valentine's Day can make a grand entrance.

Posted at 6:58 PM to Soonerland

Canadian? No, Charles, it's a holiday-season gift from ME up in Montana!

Posted by: David at 9:51 PM on 6 November 2003

Take it back!

Posted by: Steve at 10:39 PM on 6 November 2003

Geez, Dave, would it have been so hard to send this stuff in August, when we might actually appreciate it?

Posted by: CGHill at 7:25 AM on 7 November 2003