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7 November 2003

Neo liberalism?

Lileks has now seen all three films in the Matrix trilogy, and he detects the vacuum at its center:

It is a product of deeply confused people. They want it all. They want individualism and community; they want secularism and transcendence; they want the purity of committed love and the licentious fun of an S&M club; they want peace and the thrill of violence; they want God, but they want to design him on their own screens with their own programs by their own terms for their own needs, and having defined the divine on their own terms, they bristle when anyone suggests they have simply built a room with a mirror and flattering lighting. All three Matrix movies, seen in total, ache for a God. But they can't quite go all the way. They're like three movies about circular flat meat patties that can never quite bring themselves to say the word "hamburger."

If this Bleat had had a working permalink, it would have been just about perfect.

Posted at 7:38 AM to Almost Yogurt

methinks he might have gotten confused and spent two hours staring the bathroom mirror...


Posted by: bruce at 4:58 PM on 7 November 2003

Funny. I thought that the second one was a little *too* God-heavy, whether or not they outright said the G Word. It's weird what people come away from those movies with.

Posted by: aldahlia at 9:58 PM on 7 November 2003

In their defense, at least there's enough space to allow for varying interpretations; better that, I think, than spoon-fed sound-bite-size philosophizing that's painfully obvious to all and sundry.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:06 AM on 8 November 2003

Chuck.. There is no spoon.. There is no original plot, either. And dare I say it? YES, I do.. There are no boobs (close, but no cigar). It's still an entertaining series, though.

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 9:30 AM on 8 November 2003

For those seeking an alternative viewpoint, Dear God Damn Diary has an extensive rundown, titled Matrix Revolutions Did Not Entirely Suck a Hot Steaming Bowl of Camel Vomit, which seems a fair assessment to me.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:08 AM on 8 November 2003

Found a permalink:

Posted by: tregoweth at 2:36 PM on 8 November 2003