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8 November 2003

Hawkeyed vision

My children tend to be scornful of Iowa, which, they patiently explained to me, is an acronym: "Idiots Out Walking Around." I don't know why. Maybe it's a Missouri thing, something like the way Oklahomans are expected to sneer at Texas and vice versa.

And I have to admit that my particular experience in Iowa is limited to a couple of days over a couple of summertimes, and suburban Des Moines strikes me as just as dull as it sounds, but as Dawn points out, I've missed the good stuff:

What it feels like to stand in the middle of a field with nothing around for miles but the sound of your footsteps and the birds. What it feels like to be in the middle of dense woods and see where a buck has scraped his antlers on a tree. Or where a doe has lain for the night. To have a pheasant fly out of bush and scare the shit out of you. To watch where you step because there might be a snake or even better an Indian arrowhead. To walk along a stream and see how busy a beaver was all summer. To sit quietly in the woods and wait to hear those footsteps of a deer.

Mental note: Next time I'm in Iowa, get farther away from I-35 and/or I-80.

Posted at 11:35 AM to Almost Yogurt have just two hours of being an idiot out walking around the day would be more than complete. You must visit the Loess Hills of Iowa...only one other place in the world like it, and that's China. So actually I'd be an idiot out walking around in the hills:)

Posted by: Dawn at 11:57 AM on 8 November 2003

State rivalries are tradition in the US. The one between New Jersey and.. well.. every state, is as old as the Constitution. I'm sure there's some political statement in there about federalism and state sovereignty or something, but I'm trying to reorganize the computer room, and visualizing alternate spacial arrangements *before* moving that chair a little more to the left, no, back to the right, no, a little left.. oops.. Well, avoiding work is about as important as cheesy fries. stream of consciousness is right below a glacier the size of Utah, and it's pretty warm today..

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 12:40 PM on 8 November 2003

There's nothing traditional or rivalrous [Is that a word? --ed It is now.] about Georgia's disdain for Alabama.

All's it is, is fact.

Posted by: McGehee at 1:53 PM on 8 November 2003

As a brand-new Iowan, I have to second Dawn. The place fascinates me. Maybe I'm still in a daze because I always thought "Iowa" was more or less just some Midwestern place more proverbial than real (as a matter of fact the entire Midwest was always more proverbial than real to me) and I would never in a million years have predicted that I'd end up living here.

"Idiots out walking around" is pretty funny though. But who do Iowans sneer at? I've got a lot of practice sneering at Yankees, Californians, and Texans, but who do I get to pick on here?

Posted by: Moira Breen at 11:55 AM on 10 November 2003