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15 November 2003

Lowlife bottom-feeders

Xrlq (pronounced "Xrlq") is serious. I know this because his first post about Infotel Publications was in his Consumer Issues category — and for his second post, he'd invented a whole new category: Scum.

Now of course, search-engine queries being so often sloppily worded, someone searching for the combination of "scum" and, say, "lowlife bottom-feeders" may well come up with a page about Infotel Publications. This does not necessarily imply that the person writing the page actually thinks that Infotel Publications is scum and/or lowlife bottom-feeders, unless the page contains a line to this effect:

"Infotel Publications is scum and/or lowlife bottom-feeders."

Moral: Always choose your search terms carefully.

Posted at 10:46 PM to Blogorrhea

Good catch. I've gone back and added "scum" as a secondary category to the earlier post. I'd hate to have anyone search a category called "scum" and only get some of what I've said about Infoscum. Which, if this weekend's reaction is any indication, will soon be known as "Infotoast."

Posted by: Xrlq at 11:56 AM on 16 November 2003