The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

16 November 2003

Simple twists of fate

Anyone who uses Site Meter knows that its referral reports can sometimes (read: usually) be quirky, and once in a while something evolves into a near-fledged mystery.

I have a reader in (I think) Iowa, a subscriber to Mediacom; I'm not going to give out the IP address on general principle. (Oddly, feeding it to a NetGeo server turns up a location in New Jersey, where Mediacom has no subscribers; I attribute this to NetGeo's reading an entire Class A network as being in one location.) This reader runs a Linux box with the KDE Konqueror browser, which handles the Site Meter script in an unexpected manner: it feeds me the last page read before mine, whether that page links to me or not. Often as not, it doesn't, which is what tipped me off in the first place — how come I'm getting referrals from people who don't have links to me?

So the Mystery Reader runs down his list of bookmarks, or whatever they are called in Konqueror, and whatever he read before he read me that day, I end up reading, just out of curiosity. A strange circle on the surface of the Blogosphere™, to be sure.

Posted at 11:40 AM to Blogorrhea

I have noticed that same problem but didn't understand techincally how it could happen. Thanks for the info.

Posted by: Kevin Holtsberry at 11:53 AM on 17 November 2003