The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

17 November 2003

Dear Mr. Bezos

A couple of years ago, I bought a gift certificate from which somehow disappeared into the bit bucket; it took about a dozen emails to get the matter straightened out. This is, I am assured, not a common occurrence, but if it happens at all, it's too common to suit me.

So I'm wondering: Is it just me? Does anyone else ever have problems with these things? I've had no difficulties with third-party addresses or with Wish List items.

Posted at 1:29 PM to Outgoing Mail

Well, I once ordered a CD on Amazon and they could never get a hold of a copy. At least they never charged me for it.

Posted by: sya at 6:01 PM on 17 November 2003

Bought a dozen Amazon gift certificates over the years without complaint.

Posted by: Mike at 2:49 PM on 18 November 2003

Let's test it: Charles, send me an gift certificate for, say, $100 - and I'll let you know if it works or not.


Posted by: David at 12:04 AM on 19 November 2003