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22 November 2003

Radio playing that forgotten song

Paul over at Sanity's Edge is a long way (I presume) from Bob FM, but he can identify the target audience just the same:

Show me a guy driving down the road blasting "Radar Love" and I'll show you a guy in a short sleeve terry cloth shirt. With his high school graduation thingy hanging from his rear-view mirror. Class of 79, with a haircut to match. It's the same guy who proudly displays his Kansas and Styx concert ticket stubs.

I used to call this "music for forklift operators," until my daughter started driving a forklift. (Which she doesn't do anymore.)

And, now that I think about it, there probably isn't a radio station in the nation which would actually follow "Radar Love" with the "forgotten song" mentioned in the lyrics.

Posted at 7:58 AM to Overmodulation

I was 10 in 79. I still blast Golden Earring when it comes on the radio.

Posted by: Geoffrey at 11:44 AM on 22 November 2003

What is "that forgotten song"?

And what's wrong with Styx and Kansas? Along with Journey, that was the peak of the music experience in the US.

Britney? Snoop? Please.

Posted by: Nathan at 2:01 PM on 23 November 2003

The forgotten song, named right in the next line: Brenda Lee, "Coming On Strong", a #11 hit from 1966 that doesn't even get played on oldies stations, let alone Classic Rockers.

I'll give some small props to Britney for (1) not embarrassing herself with a Stones cover and (2) not covering herself much for photo shoots, but in the grand scheme of things, she doesn't count for anything more than Cher. Or, for that matter, Sonny.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:28 PM on 23 November 2003

Oh. I thought it was, "The memories're coming on strong"

Posted by: nathan at 4:11 PM on 23 November 2003

Me too, Nathan!

Posted by: Greeblie at 7:58 PM on 23 November 2003

I once got stranded at a party with a guy who claimed that Golden Earring stole the lyrics for that song from him, psychically, while he slept. And let me tell you, that dude was serious. Funnily enough, I specifically remember that he was especially exercised about the Brenda Lee line. Seems they'd goofed up the transcription or were even maliciously modifying the material stolen from him. Maybe you guys are channeling his original version.

Seriously, that was the first time I ever encountered a truly disturbed person. Talking to this guy was a surreal experience. It was impossible not to get in an argument with him, since I couldn't remotely predict how he'd react to almost anything, no matter how innocuous it seemed to me.

Of course, he probably never fantasized about inventing a time machine for the express purpose of going back to stop Journey.

Posted by: Alan S. at 7:50 PM on 24 November 2003

Until Britney appears in a Scooby-Doo cartoon, Sonny and Cher still whip her ass, even though half of 'em are dead (and I'm not even sure it's the right half).

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 10:12 PM on 24 November 2003