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4 January 2004

Blogging in the abstract?

The newspaper blog is no longer a novelty. This does not necessarily portend a massive rush to commercially-operated blogs: some businesses don't really lend themselves to bloggage. (Of course, if someone does come up with, say,, please send me a link.)

There are, however, quite a few real-estate blogs. Which makes sense, in a way; while most of us do business with them fairly rarely, the business that we do is immensely complicated and incredibly expensive, so to the extent that they're reaching out to us, they're doing us something of a favor by assisting us with our research. Of course, this is just icing on the commercial cake — the motivation, first and foremost, is to build their own businesses — but I'll happily take any crumbs I'm thrown that will help me with my side of the deal.

(Inspired by The Great Team, an agency in the O.C. that both sells houses and blogs, and which admits to having read this assortment of screeds at least once.)

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I wondered if the blogs in question were more personal blogs of people working in real estate, or blogs as a realtor's business tool. It was a reminder of how loose the definition of blog is.

And that "Cute Writer Girl" is not cute nor is she much of a writer, but whatever.

Point being, I got all the way down to and that looks fascinating. I'm tucking that one away until I get some time to read the whole thing.

Posted by: Erica at 8:22 PM on 4 January 2004

A very loose definition indeed.

I've looked at; it's quite interesting, and it points out a lot of the weird things that can happen during a property deal.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:53 PM on 4 January 2004

I am new to the internet and I did a search in the search engines on "real estate company blog" and I found your web blog.
I am a Halifax Real Estate Agent Nova Scotia, Canada and I was told that blogs were discussions on specific topics which made me interested in searching for a real estate blog. It seemed like an interesting way to see what trends and technology are happening in the real estate market in other parts of the world besides Halifax. I am considering a blog for myself if I can understand the technology of operating a blog and from what I see I am somewhat hesitant right now even though it was interesting reading.

Respectfully yours
James B. ,
A Halifax Real Estate Agent

Posted by: Halifax Real Estate Agent at 7:11 PM on 14 February 2004