The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

4 January 2004

Madness, yet there is method

I haven't submitted anything to the BlogMadness competition, on the basis that my below-average material sucks, and my above-average, sucks less.

Then again, few authors (if I may borrow the term for a moment) are the best judges of their own work, so if you happen to think that something I posted in 2003 was worthwhile, leave a comment here or in email, and if there should be anything resembling a consensus between now and the 20th, I will duly submit the recommended piece.

Posted at 6:15 PM to Blogorrhea

Anything you posted that mentions ME is a prize-winner! Ok, seriously, this is the only blog I read, so I don't know blogs, but I know what I like. Rock on.

(ps-Anyone who gets paid to blog is an asshole, just in case anyone reads this who gets paid to blog, or blog about blogs, or reviews blogs, or paid to have anything to do with blogs, except for the blog hosting services, who have tangible costs and equipment to contend with. So those types of blogs should be disqualified on principle. But I'm not in charge, never will be, and have no desire to be. Not that I even know or care about the rules of the competitional thingamahoozits, because Dustbury is the only blog I read, like I said in the first place.)

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 3:50 AM on 5 January 2004