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5 January 2004

An on-air boner

Somebody at the editing console at WFAA-TV in Dallas — well, no, that's wrong, because apparently there wasn't anybody editing that day.

You'll need Windows Media Player to see the actual video clip.

(Via Cruel Site of the Day)

Posted at 7:05 AM to Dyssynergy

one word... belo

Posted by: bruce at 2:44 PM on 5 January 2004

You mean this is routine for them?

(And didn't they at one time own a Tulsa station - channel 6, maybe?)

Posted by: CGHill at 3:16 PM on 5 January 2004

I just know that when I was hanging out with people that were trying to keep a mcdonalds build, WFAA ran a disgusting profile piece about the lady hoping to open the new store, a real feel good piece clearly meant to influence the zoning board's behavior.

Belo has a heavy hand in controlling pravailing opinion in dallas expecially, its not suprising that they picked GWB as texan of the year.

for real news coming out of Big D read the Observer's Jim Shutze

Belo does have a history of sloppiness in its content and its delivery, everything else they do is direct pandering.

Posted by: bruce at 5:39 PM on 5 January 2004

Ilyka (in comments at A Small Victory) seems to think the station itself is just plain sloppy. Not everything is a corporate conspiracy, Bruce.

Posted by: McGehee at 5:57 PM on 7 January 2004