The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

6 January 2004

Branching out

Normally, if I write something, it's here, though over the years I have contributed a few product reviews to — around $100 worth, in fact — and scattered occasional comments on automotive message boards.

Late last year, I was watching a DVD of a small indie film and for reasons unknown was motivated to write down my reaction and submit it to the Internet Movie Database. There is a backlog of submissions from amateur reviewers, so it's only just now that they've gotten around to mine; if you're at all curious as to how I'd respond to a "dark comedy of word games, sex, fantasy and Pop-Tarts," you're invited to visit the IMDb page for the 1999 film The Invisibles — not at all related to Grant Morrison's comic series — and stare in disbelief.

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I've wondered about their backlogs of submissions; reviews I have no problem getting in, although I don't do many of them. But the Trivia and Goofs seem to be hit-or-miss; I've submitted numerous of those, all valid, and only a couple have made it onto the site. Weird.

Posted by: CT at 9:30 AM on 6 January 2004