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6 January 2004

How cold is it?

Well, it was 7 degrees Fahrenheit this morning, the coldest it's been since 3 March 2002.

I bitched about it then, too.

They promised us 40s tomorrow. Then again, they promised us 30s Monday and Tuesday, and we didn't get those either.

Posted at 9:37 PM to Weather or Not

Growing up in New York, at some point I got into my head that it never snowed anywhere in the South (except maybe northern-most Virginia). It was an assumption I never really lost until my first winter in Tampa Bay, when it actually *snowed* for the first time in a decade (it was just a light dusting, but I was stunned).

By the way, it was a chilly 65ish here today. Thank you very little.

Posted by: CT at 6:31 PM on 7 January 2004

We crawled up to 41 for a few brief shining moments — the sun was out and everything — before things sank back into the Slough of Chilled Despond.

I have seen snow (flurries, anyway) over Malibu. The natives were frightened.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:44 PM on 7 January 2004