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6 January 2004

The 2.29-night stand

VibeOK, the section of that's aimed at young, happenin' kids (pardon me while I hurl), is asking, in the wake of the latest Britney Spears debacle: "If you could marry a pop star for 55 hours, who would it be?"

A dozen choices (six male, six female) are offered, none of them especially inspiring, but if I had two days and change, I suppose the least annoying of the bunch would be Beyoncé Knowles, who is easy on the eyes and generally not known as a pain in the neck.

On the other hand, I could think of a dozen bloggers more worthy of my time, though I am no more likely to win their hearts than Beyoncé's.

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I chose Christina. I like my girls "Drrty" Unbelievabley over 50% chose Avril Lavigne! There's no way I could be with a girl who has no idea who David Bowie is.

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip at 11:49 AM on 7 January 2004

Then again, how many of them have any idea who Jim Bowie is?

Posted by: CGHill at 2:06 PM on 7 January 2004

Or Bowie Kuhn?

Posted by: McGehee at 6:12 PM on 7 January 2004

It all depends on what the plans are for those hours. If she's gonna want me to re-arrange the furniture in the bedroom, install new carpet in the living room, or paint the garage, well then, the deal is off.

Posted by: homebru at 9:36 PM on 8 January 2004