The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

11 January 2004

Girl on film

Aldahlia says she's "an honest to God movie snob of massive proportions," and maybe it's true:

I pick movies apart with a rabidity I've never seen in anyone else, ever. I watch movies in a way that's so obnoxious, I've had friends bring strangers over, so that they can witness just how obscene and disturbing my type of movie consumption really is.

You don't want to watch a movie with me, trust me. I can ruin just about any cinematic experience.

As for justifying it, I really can't. It's something I do compulsively. Mine is not to wonder why. Mine is to point out even the most minute flaws. Mine is to read things into fairly generic flicks that I should never have thought to begin with.

Having once castigated a radio station for playing a hacked-together edit of Tommy James' "Crimson and Clover" instead of the proper single version or even (heaven help us) that absurd quasi-psychedelic LP mix, I suspect I am in no position to grumble here. And besides, if everything (and everyone) were perfect, we'd be bored out of our skulls.

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