The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

11 January 2004

Paths that cross yet again

Last time I was in Oklahoma City's Full Circle Bookstore, I spent rather a lot of the time swapping stories with an old friend.

Now that I've moved into the middle of town, the store is only a mile from me, so I figured the least I could do was reacquaint myself with its combination of virtues and quirks (it's the last independent bookseller in the state with anything resembling an extensive inventory; the books are shelved literally up to the ceiling, which means either eyestrain or summoning a staff member more often than you would in one of the chains; its owner is running for Mayor).

This afternoon, I did have to have one book procured for me, though this was due to my failure to comprehend the filing system — who would have thought that a personal memoir might be filed under "Biography"? — and I spent rather a lot of the time swapping stories with an old friend.

Kurt "Captain And" Lochner, like me (and like author Brian A. Hopkins and occasional reader/commenter/philosopher W. Terkish Payne) a member of the old Lair Security, Inc. BBS Überclique back in the day, caught me just south of the north entrance. Neither one of us believed it at first. We traded information on where the others had gone — unsurprisingly, he'd kept closer tabs than had I — and made fun of losers. It was quite an experience, especially since both of us seemed to look better than we used to. (Take that, entropy!)

Now I wonder who will pop up next time I'm in the store.

Posted at 6:32 PM to General Disinterest

Great to see you doing so well in the after-life that was once known as LSI. Sorry to hear about the homeownership of present, may mowings pass your way in a favorable manner, which makes me rethink the term "weed-eater" in triple entedre, for some odd reason.. Morham offers condolences as well, but a spirited discourse ensued nonetheless as to how staying in a domicile will suit you..

Likely, just fine, despite your estimates as to how long it will take you to unpack the inanimate objects.. Best Wishes, And!?

Posted by: Kurt "Captain And" Lochner at 11:10 PM on 11 January 2004

Well, apartment living generally has elicited two reactions from me:

1) "This sucks."

2) "This really sucks."

Of course, Bungle Lowe is costing me a bunch of money, but at least some of it will be returned to me, or to my estate.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:37 AM on 12 January 2004

Ya gotta love Full Circle.....still fighting the fight years after Bollingers, Rectors and others were driven from the marketplace by unfair pricing practices that favor big chains. First, it was the mall stores, then the "big box" book stores. It's a damn shame.

Posted by: Mike Donovan at 2:43 PM on 12 January 2004

I forgot to mention in the last comment......I have heard that Brace Books in Ponca City is another Oklahoma survivor doing an excellant job!

Posted by: Mike Donovan at 3:06 PM on 12 January 2004