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13 January 2004

There go the carbs

Marietta, Oklahoma is known for basically one thing: cookies.

This week, no cookies: Bake-Line Group, the national baking conglomerate founded by former Keebler officers, Marietta's largest employer, has closed all seven of its bakeries and announced plans to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

About 300 people out of Marietta's population of 2300 worked for Bake-Line.

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*Sigh* . . I sure hate to see it go. Best known as the "broken cookie place" it had obtained quite a reputation through the years. Signs on the highway directed you to it. They had a store where they sold their "unsellable" products at quite a discount.

Posted by: ms7168 at 8:36 AM on 13 January 2004

Very sad....a lot of great memories of stopping at this place for the broken cookies. BakeLine had 1,300 employees nationwide. Say goodbye to another American business who tried to make it on American soil. American business falters at the alter of the global economy. We are a nation of consumers losing jobs to the countries that make everything we consume. Will the madness ever stop?

Posted by: Mike Donovan at 2:49 PM on 13 January 2004

Well, we can only consume so long as there's money to spend -- and there's only money to spend so long as we're producing something.

Considering that we've been "exporting jobs" for the last 50 years, you'd think we'd be fresh out by now.

Posted by: McGehee at 5:36 AM on 14 January 2004

being a member of the Atlantic baking group then becoming bakeline i too am saddened by this event and would like to hear fromanyone who lost their job.I am from e mail address is they left us with no paychecks no nothing,no insurance how about you??

Posted by: bettie at 1:49 PM on 16 January 2004

Soros Fund Management provided the Big Bag O'Bucks to buy out Bake-Line in 2002. Kind of makes you wonder if anything else George Soros touches will crumble.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:03 PM on 16 January 2004

And for those who were asking if there was nothing else at all in Marietta, well, it still has tourist-trap value, what with the lakes and all, and there's the fly-in catfish restaurant (McGehee's).

Posted by: CGHill at 1:16 PM on 18 January 2004