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13 January 2004

Potrzebie party

Mad #438 (February) is hyping its fake letter from Michael Jackson, but the spread you have to see is a six-page satire by Jeff Kruse called "The League of Rejected Superheroes". It's decent enough, but what makes it work is that Mad somehow managed to snag some Big-Name Artists. (Yeah, I know, Mad is a corporate cousin to DC Comics, but still, there's some sort of Wall of Separation between them.)

Frank Miller introduces you to Inebrion, a superhero who has had one or two or a quadrillion too many.

J. Scott Campbell shows you Scantily-Clad Woman, for whom "wonderbra" is more than a mere brand name.

Dave Gibbons presents the Entomologist, who apparently was bitten by a radioactive tortoise at the zoo while he was trying to get the attention of some of the spiffier bugs. (No relation to Dr. Weevil.)

John Byrne illustrates Mediocre Man, so far the only superhero who acquired his powers through a Sally Struthers home-study course.

John Romita, Jr. gives us Sloggtor of Globbzorr, who is apparently fortysomething and divorced.

Michael Allred delineates Vocabulon, to whom sesquipedalianism is just the beginning.

Arthur Adams found time to draw Apathenia, Queen of Not Giving a Damn, who first appeared in BFD Comics back in 1993.

And finally, from the pen of Jim Lee, The Incredible Infringement Man, who...what's that? Any more and I'll have to pay royalties?

(Actually, I just wanted to get something up on this before Four Color Hell found out.)

Posted at 10:09 PM to Almost Yogurt

Rejected? Gads, I'd pay to read some of those comics. Inebrion, Scantily-Clad Woman (well, duh!), Vocabulon, and Apathenia would all have places of honor on my shelf.

Posted by: Lummox JR at 1:28 AM on 14 January 2004

I think I saw The Incredible Infringement Man in "The Mystery Men". Seems to me there were some heroes rejected during the recruitment scene...

Posted by: McGehee at 5:42 AM on 14 January 2004