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14 January 2004

It's in the paper, it must be true

A filler item in The Oklahoman read like this:

Area Social Security recipients are being advised to log on to the correct Internet site when seeking information about their Social Security benefits or Medicare services.

Larry Jones, public affairs specialist with Social Security in Oklahoma City, said residents may be misled by private firms that advertise on the Internet that they can provide replacement Social Security cards or other services for a fee.

There should be no charge for those services, Jones said. He advised residents to log on to the official site at for information and free services.

As noted by yours truly back in March 1998, is the Cato Institute's privatization page.

I would advise area Social Security recipients to log on to the correct Internet site when seeking information about their Social Security benefits or Medicare services.

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I thought I'd share this Social Security blunder with you all. It's fun an amusing, but then I clicked on the link to the real SSA page. That's just scary. Look at their page for kids. Do you really want...[read more]

As a thirty-year-old, I think my chances of getting Social Security are about the same from the Cato Institute.

Posted by: Dan at 5:03 PM on 14 January 2004

Wow. The Oklahoman never ceases to amaze me. I recently have been griping about the "book page" in the DESTINATIONS section of the Sunday paper. It's a complete joke. The guy that writes the main book "review" always writes about silly books (once even a photo coffee table book!) and it's never a "review" in a real newspapers sense of the word; it would more accurately be described as a capsule book - summary. But, what should I expect from the Oklahoman? The style and layout is finally looking a tad more big time, but the content is still so incredibly horrible - an embarrassment to journalism the nation over.

Posted by: Mike Donovan at 9:40 PM on 14 January 2004

What really amazes me is even when people know what URL they are going to, they type it into google anyways. I'd imagine a fair number of people probably type in "social security" and go to the first page they see.

Posted by: the house of real estate at 11:14 PM on 14 January 2004

hmmm, wonder how many people out there still don't realize that .gov is the place for gov't sites...

Posted by: Cyberangel at 12:28 AM on 15 January 2004

The website for the white house is The same URL with .com is a pr0n site. During the height of the Bill and Monica show (when the Starr Report was released), a LOT of people got more pr0n than they expected when they went to the site.

Posted by: timekeeper at 5:23 AM on 16 January 2004

And is a lunatic fringe political site, credited with stuff like this. Obscene in an entirely different way.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:23 AM on 16 January 2004