The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

14 January 2004

A completely unique experience

Well, okay, it wasn't that unique, but Rammer and I bent a couple of brewskis and bemoaned the sad state of Damn Near Everything this evening, which meant that we had to do some rather speedy bemoaning.

I don't think he quite grasps the Oklahoma Zeitgeist just yet, but then hardly do I, and I've been here thirty years or so. Still, it was good to see the guy, and being a long way from home, he may well have thought it was good to be seen.

We'll have to do this again sometime.

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good to be seen, indeed. i hope to return to OK for a longer stay soon. perhaps then i can tour the highlights. thanks for coming out!

Posted by: rammer at 8:09 PM on 16 January 2004