The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

17 January 2004

Going their separate ways

In 1977, the two Cincinnati daily newspapers, Gannett's Enquirer and E. W. Scripps' Post, entered a Joint Operating Agreement, under which they would maintain separate news operations but pool their advertising and circulation functions. The agreement was for ten years, and would be automatically renewed unless one of the two parties opted out with three years' notice. The Department of Justice approved the deal in 1979.

Gannett has now officially informed Scripps that they are opting out, that the JOA will end at the end of 2007.

Evening papers in general have been in decline; Post circulation today is one-quarter what it was when the deal with the Enquirer was struck.

What may save the Post is its strength south of the Ohio River, where a separate Kentucky Post edition is circulated for readers in northern Kentucky.

The next two JOAs up for renewal are in Birmingham, Alabama and Tucson, Arizona: both expire in 2015.

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