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18 January 2004

Words to blog by

Christy at Digital Nirvana follows, she says, the Bushido Way of the Blogger:

Mental discipline (heck, love is a mental discipline by the way). Blog everyday. Be one with the written word. Honor and respect other blogger's ideas. Self-control. Truth and sincerity. Karma. I didn't name this blog Digital Nirvana without those precepts in mind.

My ultimate goal as a blogger is not to get as many hits as possible, be linked to a million weblogs out there or God forbid, ram my ideas down people's throats. My primary motivation is self-enlightenment and introspection. I believe the words that I write reflect my essence and my soul and many times I've faltered by going down to my lesser, baser instincts. I can just diss other weblogs and be a self-righteous blogger and I'll have instant material on my blog. But then, the creation of blogging has a higher purpose. That is to test one's truths and dogma in a marketplace of ideas. It is bloody exercise wherein you face the gritty realism of being rejected for your views, beliefs, and/or lack of wit or style. It's a cruel blog jungle out there. Other people will just cut you off if you don't fit their idea of a perfect world. Now you see your link now you don't. The old cliche still holds. You can never please everybody not even in blogosphere.

I don't know. Sometimes exercising one's lesser, baser instincts can be good fun, good catharsis, and even good blogging, though I don't think anyone this side of [fill in name of your personal bête noire in blogdom] can pull it off on a regular basis.

It is, however, true that this very situation was anticipated thirty-odd years ago. In the words of the late Eric Hilliard Nelson: "You can't please everyone, so you got to please yourself." I'm not about to claim that every last one of the three hundred thousand or so words I've tossed up on screen is a keeper, but I'd like to think that they were a reasonable approximation of what I was thinking at the time they were written. To that extent, I suppose, I'm pleased with the results of these ninety-three months.

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