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18 January 2004

Insert pMachine joke here

Something called BlogSex is looking for participants.

They're advertising on some sites. I spotted them at BlogShares and at BlogChalking, where they're making the following pitch:

Whether you are practicing abstinence or are experiencing nymphomania is the perfect activity for you.

I submit that if you're experiencing nymphomania, you're not going to get a hell of a lot of typing done.

With a minor amount of Googlage, I was able to turn up the following:

BlogTV™ announces the BlogSex™ network. And no it is not a porn site. The coming BlogSex™ entertainment portal is a hip, sexy Web community offering an online meeting place for both bloggers and non-bloggers alike looking to meet and/or hook up with members of the same and/or opposite sex.

The upcoming BlogSex™ portal will integrate the intimacy of blogs, racy authors, curious readers, and personal ads into a unique community unlike any other service available today.

Members will be able to participate in ménage blogs (group blogs) on diverse topics. From to the BlogSex™ network will offer a fresh, risqué online service to the diverse blogosphere., a premium BlogTV™ channel, will launch one week before Valentines Day.

Given the flurry of blog weddings in recent months, I'm really not convinced we need this thing; I mean, if you're putting your heart on the screen already, what's the point of doing it again somewhere else?

And right before Valentine's Day? Talk about your cruel and unusual punishments.

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