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18 January 2004

Smack dab in the middle

Bruce and I don't agree on too many things, but I definitely buy this observation:

I went all the way out to [Borders] at 21st and the Broken Arrow Exp. (64/51) and felt pretty silly about making the trek just to look at a few magazines and drink a cup of coffee. But you see, it's not like I can do that in BA, because there just isn't much out here. You shouldn't have to drive half an hour to find a suitable place to "hang out". Right?

Right. One of my justifications for moving into the city was to have fewer excuses to pass up an event because it was "too far to drive." And while my after-hours life isn't exactly scintillating these days, it's no longer nonexistent, which surely is worth something.

(There are only four Borders stores in the whole state, and it probably would have taken just as long to get to 81st and Yale; the Oklahoma City store is only about 1.4 miles from me, but Full Circle is closer, and it's locally owned, which I tend to view as a plus.)

Posted at 8:24 PM to City Scene

I love bookstores and I often go "just because"--and it doesn't matter to me if it's a long drive, even if I have to endure two hour round-trip bus rides (which I often do). Or maybe I'm just weird.

Posted by: sya at 10:11 PM on 18 January 2004

When did bookstores become a place to "hang out", anyway?

Posted by: McGehee at 3:04 AM on 19 January 2004

Bookstores are anything BUT anymore. They have little coffee shops in them, music listening centers, little rooms to go sit and talk about the latest authors (I guess that's what they talk about), and entire selections of music cd's.

I'd say bookstores in Philadelphia are going to be bustling in the next few weeks (oh, I just LOVE a good dig) but from the looks of that crowd, a bookstore would be about a useful as the proverbial mammaries on the bull (oh, I just LOVE a deeper dig).

Posted by: Vickie at 6:28 AM on 19 January 2004

Be nice, Vickie. Some books have pictures.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:05 AM on 19 January 2004

Ouch. I felt that one all the way up here in New England :)

Posted by: Vickie at 8:44 AM on 19 January 2004

There will always be a demand for "public spaces" where we can be amongst other people.

I once commented to my friend that in Oklahoma we don't have coffee shops, we have churches (and I dont meant the chicken place either). Oh yeah.. and bars... (grimace)

As a non-religious person I wish we had more coffee shops myself. We do have the local Unitarian Church, which has a coffee shop in it... bizarre.

Its a quirk of human nature that we cant just go some place to be among other people, we have to have a "reason" to be somewhere. To worship, drink coffee, drink beer and play pool... whatever!

Posted by: bruce at 1:18 PM on 19 January 2004

Hey wait a second...

You dont agree with me?

What's that all about?

Posted by: bruce at 1:18 PM on 19 January 2004