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19 January 2004

The dream remembered

We do love a parade on the Lone Prairie. Last year, over 40,000 turned out to celebrate the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday; only Houston's MLK parade drew a bigger crowd. And while there's a certain irony in the fact that the parade route doesn't actually come within a mile of the street that bears King's name, holding the festivities downtown serves as a reminder that while Dr King was indisputably a black man, the values he preached were values for all of us, race and color nothwithstanding.

In the morning, before all the hoopla, there will be a silent march through northeast Oklahoma City to commemorate the marches led by Dr King in the Sixties. It will begin at the Ralph Ellison Library at 23rd and (yes!) MLK Boulevard, and end at the Oklahoma Historical building at 22nd and Lincoln, where a bell will be rung to break the silence.

I've got to work — 42nd and Treadmill waits for no one — but at least one Oklahoma blogger will be in the parade: JMBranum of JMBZine will be marching with the local branch of the Green Party.

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