The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

19 January 2004

On the other side of the line

This turned out to be one of those days when I had a lot of writing to do, none of which involved bloggage.

If you're bound and determined to see what it was, there's a new Vent, regarding the Iowa caucuses and why they elicit yawns — from me, anyway — and a review of Befour, the last album by Brian Auger and the Trinity.

Mondays are like that, sometimes.

Posted at 8:56 PM to General Disinterest

Did you ever hear that Auger/Driscoll (nee Tippetts) reunion album from the 1980s? They covered No Time To Live again, along with some Al Jerroux and some Jack Bruce. I've got the LP kicking around somewhere.

Posted by: The Proprietor at 2:49 PM on 20 January 2004

I managed to miss that one somehow; I basically lost track of Auger after the first few Oblivion Express LPs, and didn't pick up on him again until fairly recently. It would have to be pretty swift to beat Befour, or even Streetnoise.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:20 PM on 20 January 2004