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22 January 2004

Are we having funnels yet?

The AP wire this morning reported no tornado activity in Oklahoma yesterday, the same thing it's reported since 17 May 2003.

Which means that we've gone 250 days without a single tornado, something that hasn't happened even once before in the 53 years for which records are available.

Despite this relative quiet, 2003 was actually a banner year for tornadoes; the state recorded 78 funnels last year, 44 percent above average, and 59 of them occurred in those first days of May, including an F4 storm.

Me? I'm not complaining.

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This just in: Due to global warming, Oklahoma is experiencing longer intervals between tornado seasons. This, in addition to the fact that global warming can be expected to result in longer tornado seasons, means that 2004 will have fourteen months, rather than the standard twelve.

Posted by: McGehee at 7:47 AM on 22 January 2004

Wow -- that really is a record!

To be honest...I kinda-sorta miss Tornado Warnings. Not that I would trade my Montana winter for them, but still...the adrenaline rush, punching up Gary England on the TV, scanning the radar-screens, rushing outside to see if any of the clouds are lowering...whoa.

Posted by: David at 2:40 PM on 22 January 2004

You can tell your an Okie if when the Tornado Sirens go off you go outside and look for the tormado.

Posted by: anstranger at 12:32 PM on 25 January 2004