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24 January 2004

Howard you like that?

Mike over at OkieDoke has the latest poll numbers for the Oklahoma primary (week after New Hampshire, in case you'd forgotten), and Wesley Clark, last seen a close second to Howard Dean, is now out in front of the pack with a nine-point lead over...John Edwards?

Meanwhile, the Dean Machine is sputtering in fourth place, barely above Joe Lieberman. (Dear Howard: The time to peak is on election day, not ten months before.) I simply can't bring myself to get on the Clark bandwagon — basically, he strikes me as Hillary Clinton with nicer legs — which means that with a week and a half to go, I am still officially Undecided.

I did notice today, though, an actual Kucinich sticker, the first I've seen hereabouts. Yard signs will probably not start to blossom until Wednesday, after the New Hampshire results are known.

The poll was taken by SurveyUSA on the 21st and 22nd. Quoted margin of error is 4.3 percent. (The complete poll results, linked above, require Adobe Reader.)

Posted at 4:00 PM to Soonerland

It really is sad when the two best the dems can come up with are Mr. Ed and a female version of Minnie Pearl. The only one out of nine that I would have seen give a run for Bush's money dropped out.

Posted by: Vickie at 5:53 PM on 24 January 2004

i mean a male version. I have jet lag.

Posted by: Vickie at 6:45 PM on 24 January 2004

You've seen Clark's legs? Perhaps you may be evaluating the candidates a little too thoroughly. ;)

Posted by: Mike at 7:53 PM on 24 January 2004